This article explains how to attach a driving licence to the employee driving licence record in EASY when the document has been uploaded using the EASY Companion App.

It is important to note the document upload facility in the app is just a way of transferring a document to EASY.  It must then be linked to the appropriate record in EASY.


The driving licence has already been uploaded to EASY using the EASY Companion App as explained in the Upload a Document article.

Steps to Follow

1.    After logging into EASY, go to the Self Service menu and select Driving Licence 

2.    Within the Driving Licence Details section, click on the spy glass  icon.

3.    This will show a list of the driving licences that you have uploaded to EASY, and at the top of the list will be the most recent uploaded document.  Click the link under the Ref column of the document you wish to select.

4.    The reference of the document selected will appear in the Document field.  Click on the Submit button.

5.    You may be asked to confirm you have read the declaration, if this is required by your employer (the example below does not have a declaration.  In addition, you may need to provide 3 characters from your security word, or your one time pass code.  You will then need to click on the Submit button to submit your driving licence details to your manager, or expenses team, for checking and approval.

6.    The Driving Licence Details section will be updated, and an Actions section will show when you submitted the driving licence for approval.

Please note that your driving licence will need to be fully approved before you can enter mileage claims