This guide is intended to assist users complete the user account registration process where a user account has been created for them as part of the system implementation.

While the images used in this guide taken from our demonstration system, the steps shown below still apply.

An email may accompany this document that may contain additional information such as the EASY web address for your organisation.

Steps to Follow

1.    Open the EASY login page for your organisation using the web address provided, or using the link on your organisation’s Intranet page.  This should take you to the EASY Login page.

2.    Click on the Forgotten your login link on the login page.

3.    Enter your employee number or email address in the field on the Password Reset page and then click on the Reset my password button.  Please note that when you enter your email address this should be the email address that was used to send you the email that accompanied this guide.

4.    After clicking on the Reset my password button, a password reset successful page will be displayed.  This just a confirmation that the system has sent you an email to enable you to complete the password reset process.

5.    Check your email inbox for the email that the system has sent.  The email contains a link that will open the page to enable you to provide a new password.  In addition, the email confirms your username that you will require to log into the EASY System in future.

6.    Enter the password that you have chosen in the New Password and New Password Confirmation fields, and then click on the Submit button. 

At the top of the page there is a note that tells you what your organisation’s password requirements are, e.g. minimum length of 8 character, a mix of upper and lower case characters and a number.

You will be asked to provide the password each time that you log into the EASY system.

7.    The Password Reset Complete page will be displayed.  This also has a Log In link that you should click on to take you to the Log In page.

8.    Enter your username that was provided in the email that was sent to you, enter the password that you have chosen and click on the Log in button.

9.    When you first log into the EASY System you will be asked to provide a security word.  The security word is effectively your electronic signature, and the system will ask you for three characters from your security word whenever you submit claims for authorisation or when you are approve your team's claims.

Enter the security word that you have chosen in the Security Word and Retype Security Word fields, you will also need to enter your password and then click on the Set Security Word button.