This document gives the technical details required to enable end users to access the Giltbyte EASY.  In simple terms, the EASY System is web based application hosted on the Internet and is accessed by clients through a web browser.

While this document provides a minimum PC specification, the EASY System can operate on most devices (e.g. PC, laptop, or tablet) that have access to the EASY Web Server.

Hardware Requirements

Client PC

The following gives the hardware specification of the base PC that is used in testing the EASY software.  This is provided for information only as the system may be accessible using a lower specification machine.

  • CPU: 2.3 GHz processor.
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Network: 100 Mb
  • OS: Microsoft Windows 10
  • Monitor: 1074 x 768

Software Updates and Patches

It is expected that computer operating systems, and other packages utilised by EASY, such as Microsoft Office, will be maintained with the latest software updates and patches.

Software Requirements

The main software components required by the EASY System are listed below, and are generally standard features available with most devices.  This means that end users are able to access the system without additional software or add-ons, such as the Java Runtime Environment, being deployed.

Web Browsers

The EASY System is fully compliant with W3C standards, and users can access the system over the Internet using a standard web browser.  The system is has been tested, and is fully compatible, with: 

  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Mozilla Firefox, 
  • Google Chrome, 
  • Apple Safari 
  • Other W3C standards compliant web browsers.

Microsoft Office Excel Compatible Applications

The following Excel file formats are used by the EASY System to import and export data.  The majority of the reports output by the EASY System are in the export file format.

ActionFile ExtensionMicrosoft Office
Excel Version
ImportXLS97 or above

XLSX2007 or above
ExportXLS97 or above

These Excel file formats are also supported by the products below:

  • Open Office
  • Numbers for Mac
  • Numbers for iOS

PDF Reader

Our e-Forms and Payslip products produce reports in the PDF file format, and the ability to read these files would be desirable.

System Access

The EASY System relies on certain settings being in place to enable users to access the system and take advantage of the functionality available.  The following sections provides IM&T staff with the network settings that will need to put in place as part of the EASY project implementation as well as other background information.

Communication Protocol

To ensure the safe transfer of data, users communicate with the EASY web server through an encrypted HTTPS connection via Secure Socket Layers (SSL) using TLS version 1.2 or version 1.3.   In the event that a user attempts to connect to the EASY web server using HTTP the request will automatically be forwarded to the HTTPS connection.


The EASY web server is located by entering a URL (also known as a web address) in the address field of the web browser.  A NHS organisation will be allocated an EASY Site ID, normally the initials or mnemonic of the organisation, which will be used in the URL of the EASY web server, e.g.

It is recommended that a hyper-link is added to the NHS Organisation's Intranet site that directs users to the EASY web server.  The URL should also be communicated to staff who may wish to access the EASY System through the Internet.

Domain Access

Access to the Giltbyte domain and sub domains will need to be made available to enable users to access the designated URL for the NHS organisation and other functionality within the system, such as the on-line documentation.  In addition, access to certain third party sites is required to support certain features within the system.  The following is a list of the domain to be made available, the * (asterisk) denotes a wildcard value.

*.giltbyte.comused to identify Giltbyte products, such as EASY
*.*.giltbyte.comused to identify the user organisation of the Giltbyte product to obtain journey distances and display route information
resources.easy.giltbyte.comused to service static content of EASY website
helpdesk.giltbyte.comour Helpdesk portal

IP Authorisation

The EASY System employs a number of measures to ensure that login requests are coming from a legitimate or authorised location.  When a login request is received from an unknown IP address, the system asks the user to verify the IP address by entering 3 characters from their security word.

To avoid users having to verify the IP address when accessing the EASY System via the NHS Organisation's Intranet, the organisation's Internet facing IP address(es) can be entered in the Pre-Authorised IP Address list.


Where staff have a work supplied device that uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN), it is recommended that the IP address(es) that VPN will use to connect to the EASY System are added to the Pre-Authorised IP Address list.  This will avoid access from the VPN IP address(es) potentially being regarded as malicious resulting in them being blacklisted.

Please ensure that Giltbyte are advised of the IP addresses that are to be added to or removed from the Pre-Authorised IP Address list.


The EASY System sends workflow emails to users advising them of actions to be completed.  The email messages shall have a subject that begins with “[EASY]”, and show they have been sent from “EASY Notification (No Reply)”; the sender is  This is a "do not reply" email address, and incoming messages are not monitored. 

The NHS Organisations should take measures to ensure that these workflow emails are not quarantined.

File Transfers

From time to time it may be necessary for the Trust and Giltbyte to share files that contain Person Identifiable Data (PID).  This may be required to commission the EASY System during the implementation phase, or to resolve a support issue.

Such files should be password encrypted and transmitted using a secure electronic file transfer facility.  An HTTPS file transfer facility is available within the Administration functions of the EASY System.


Help Desk Support Team

The Giltbyte Helpdesk Support Team are there to support the User Organisation and its staff to resolve any issues, answer questions or improve the EASY System.  All support requests from end-users should be channelled through the EASY System Administrator who may be able to resolve the matter locally.  Where the EASY System Administrator needs to refer a matter to the Giltbyte Helpdesk Support Team, they may:

Telephone:01303 720001
Use the Portal:

A Helpdesk Ticket shall be allocated to each enquiry referred to the Giltbyte Support Team.  Users will be advised of the ticket number allocated to their enquiry, and shall be able to monitor progress through the Helpdesk Portal.

The Help Desk Support Team are available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, excluding bank holidays.

Remote Support

From time to time it may be beneficial for a Giltbyte Support Team member to view the user’s EASY screen to obtain a better understanding of the issue being raised, or to guide the user through a feature within the EASY System.

It is recommended that EASY System Administrator(s) have access to a web conferencing product, such as Microsoft Teams, so that the system administrator can share their screen with the Giltbyte Support Team member to facilitate remote support of the EASY system.