The current version of the app enables you to take a photo of your vehicle document and upload that to the EASY Expenses system.  At the moment you can't use the app to attach the document to the vehicle record, this is because you may have more than one job and you may want to provide the same document to be checked by the manager for each of your jobs.

This article takes you through the steps to attach a document, that you have uploaded to the system using the app, to your vehicle record.

Steps to Follow

1. Upload Document Using App

For the purposes of this article we have taken a photograph of the MOT check screen on the DVLA website, and added some details on the Upload Document page on the app to help me find the document in the EASY Expenses system.

2. Log into the EASY Expenses System and select the Vehicle option from the Self Service menu

3. Select the vehicle that you want to attach the document to, or Add a new vehicle

4. Click on the  icon under the MOT field

5. From the Search page select the document file to be attached to the vehicle

6. The document reference is displayed in the field

7. Complete all the other fields, where required, and click on the Submit button

8. Complete the Submission page and click on the Submit button

9. This will take you back to the list of vehicles.  The status of the vehicle added/amended will show as Submitted or Submitted (Change)

10. If you view the vehicle details, the MOT field will show the document reference, expiry date and have link to view the attached document