As part of your job you may be required to work out of more than one base, perhaps working 3 days in one location and 2 days in the other.  One of these will be your main base, normally the one you operate out of the most, and this will be held in EASY Expenses system.  To calculate your mileage correctly you will need to ensure that the system knows which base you are operating out of when making an expense claim. 

The aim of this article is to help you identify your main base, and how to tell the system when you are operating out of your secondary or alternate base.

Main Base

When you are on the Expenses status page the Assignment Information section shows your Base - this is the main base that the system currently holds for you.

However, you may have changed your main base in the last few months, so the base showing in the Assignment Information section will not necessarily have been your main base on the day that you are making an expense claim for.  That's not a problem because the system keeps track of when your main base has changed.  To find out what the system considers to be your base on the claim date, select the Base from the Journey Start list and the base will be displayed in the field shown below.

Alternate Base

To select a base other than your main base, you will need select where you were working by clicking on the the   icon next to the Alternate Base field.  

When an alternative base has been selected, the location selected will appear in the Alternate Base field as well as when you select Base from the Journey Start or End list.

The alternate base will be used when calculating any home to base adjustment that may be applied to an mileage claim.  In the event that there are expense claims involving your main base and an alternative base on the same day, all claims for the relevant base will be grouped together before calculating any home to base adjustment applicable.

The alternate base field will only be activated where your system administrator has configured the rules for the expense type to allow alternate base selection.