Each NHS organisation has its own dedicated EASY System environment, so there is no single route that we can include in this article.  Many organisations will provide a link on their Intranet page to enable you to access the system, or they may have advised staff of the web address that you should use.

Intranet Page

You will need to open your organisation's Intranet page and go to section that contains links to different systems.  If your Intranet page has a search field, you may want search for "Expenses".


Once you have found the link on your organisation's Intranet page, clicking on the link should take you to the EASY Login page.

Web Browser

Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, and enter the web address provided by your organisation in the web address field.

Press the Enter key after you have entered the web address to take you to the login page.

Still having a problem?

If you still can't find the link on the Intranet page or the web address, you should contact you local system administrator.  The article How do I contact my local EASY System Administrator? will help you contact them.