From time to time system administrators may receive the following alert email advising that an expense claim cannot be completed.

“Hello Administrator,


The assignment Joe Bloggs (12345678): Head Honcho in VPD 999 has expense claims in progress which cannot be completed.


Please ensure a user is given the Data Acceptance right for the activity Expenses.Claims with an access limitation covering this assignment.





Direct link:


This is an automated message from EASY. Please do not reply to this address.”


In the above example, the system has been configure to require expense claims to be accepted after the manager has authorised the expense claim, but the system is unable to find anyone who can accept the expense claim.   A similar email may be issued where the system cannot find anyone to authorise the expense claim; this may be because the authorising manager has left and no one has been set up to cover for them or the new manager hasn't yet beet set up in EASY.

The resolution is to set up a user with the appropriate authorisation or acceptance to enable the submitted expense claims to be fully completed.