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This article is aimed at managers who need to approve hours worked by their team members within the EASY Timesheet system.

We will also cover how to return a timesheet back to being unapproved to allow for further hours to be entered. 

Getting Started

1.    As an approver, you will receive an email notification advising when timesheets have been submitted for your approval.  Click on the Management menu, and then select the Timesheets option.

2.    Check the Pay Period at the top of the page is showing the current input period.  If not, click on the field and select the period required from the dropdown list.

Approving Employee Timesheets

1.    Click on the Summary button within the heading of the team you wish to approve. 

2.    The Enhancements and Overtime section will show the assignments with a timesheet and, where appropriate, the total hours that have been input. 

There may be sections that do not apply to your organisation, and these should be ignored.

3.    Click on the tick box next to the assignment(s) whose claims you wish to approve/authorise for payment.   This will highlight the assignments selected.

It is advisable that you only select the entries with a status of Submitted, unless you know that the Data Entry has been completed for the assignment.

4.    Click on the Authorised Selected button to approve the selected assignments.

5.    That will result in the Declaration panel appearing.  Add a tick to the box to affirm the declaration, and then click on the Authorise button.

Some organisations may require users to provide 3 characters from their security word, or a one time pass code, to complete the approval process.

6.    The Status column on the previous page will now show Authorised against the selected assignments. 

How to Unapprove a Timesheet

Please note that a timesheet can only be unapproved/unauthorised where it has a status of Authorised

1.    Click on the Find Assignment button to search for the person whose timesheet is to be unapproved.

 2.   Select the person concerned from the list by clicking on the link in the Assignment Number column next to their name. 

3.    Click on the Unauthorise button to unapprove the timesheet

4.    You will be asked to confirm that you wish to unauthorise the timesheet.  Click on the OK button if you wish to proceed.

5.    The previous page will be updates and the button will change to Authorise

The person who has the data entry facility can now unsubmit and amend the timesheet.