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This article is aimed at managers, and support colleagues, who need to enter hours worked by their team members within the EASY Timesheet system.

We will also cover how to unsubmit a timesheet to allow for further hours to be entered. 

Getting Started

1.    At the appropriate time of the month, you will receive an email notification advising when the new pay period is open for timesheet input.  Click on the Management menu, and then select the Timesheets option.

2.    Check the Pay Period at the top of the page is showing the current input period.  If not, click on the field and select the period required from the dropdown list.

3.    Now you have 2 options.  To enter the hours for multiple employees in the team, or entering the hours for one person.

Entering Hours for Multiple Employees

1.    Click on the Edit button within the heading of the team you wish to enter the hours for. 

2.    It is recommended to hide the menu, to see more of the input screen.  Click on the orange bar on the righthand edge of the menu section. (In the image, the orange bar shows as dark grey until you hover over it),

3.    Now we will work through 2 examples using the first two employees in the list.  Note that the list of employees is in alphabetic order.

Lindsay Askey

Lindsay is the first employee in the list of employee, and she is contracted to work 37.5 hours.  This can bee seen in the Employee Information section.

By moving down to the Enhancements and Overtime section, we want to enter the 7.5 hours that Lindsay worked on Saturday 1st July that was a rostered shift.

Hours are recorded as a decimal value.  But, if you do not know the decimal value, you can enter the hours and minutes as 7h30 and when you move off the field EASY will convert the entry to the decimal value of 7.50.

Next we want to go to Friday 7th July when Lindsey worked an extra hour at the end of her day shift.  Click on the Week 2 tab which will show the dates for that week.

The additional hour worked should be entered in the Overtime area within the Week Day column as it is weekday overtime hours that are to be paid.

That completes the additional hours to be entered for Lindsay, and we now want to select the next person we wish to enter hours for.  By clicking on another employee from the list that will save the hours that were entered for Lindsay, and a confirmation message will appear at the top of the page.

Tracey Bridgett

We have selected Tracey in the list of employees, and we can see that she is contracted to work 30 hours a week.

On Sunday 9th July, Tracey worked a 12 hour night shift that started at 8pm, which was a rostered shift.  Because the hours worked are split over two days, it will be necessary to enter enhancements payable for Sunday and Monday for each day.  This will ensure that the appropriate enhancement rates are paid.

Select the Week 2 tab to see Sunday 9th July, and then enter 4 under the Sun. column with the Enhancements area.

Now select the Week 3 tab and enter 8 under the Night column.

On Saturday 29th July, Tracey worked an extra day shift, so the Week 5 tab should be selected.  

As this is an additional shift, she needs to be paid for the extra basic hours worked and the Saturday enhancement.  This requires the hours worked to be entered under the Excess Basic Hours column and the Saturday column in the Enhancements area. 

Tracey also worked 4 additional hours the following day.  Because the additional hours worked on the Saturday means that she has worked the same number of hours as a full time employee in that week, the hours worked on Sunday are payable as overtime.

When you move off the field, the warning  icon appears next to the field, and when you hover over the icon a message appears that says "Overtime for a part time assignment".  The icon is a prompt to ensure that the overtime hours are being claimed correctly.

To enter the hours for another person, click on their name in the list of employees.

When you have completed entering the hours for the last employee, you should select the Save button.

Entering Hours for one Person

1.    Click on the heading of the team that the person is within.

2.    This shows everyone within the team in alphabetic order of last and first names.  Select the person you want enter the hours for.

3.    This will show you the input page for this person.  Just enter the hours to be paid to them.

4.    When you have finished entering the hours click on the Save button if you will have further hours to enter for this person.  Where all the hours for the month have been entered, you may click on the Submit button to send these details to the approver for the team.

Submitting Hours Claims for Approval

1.    Click on the Summary button within the heading for the team whose claims you wish to submit for approval.

2.    The Enhancements and Overtime section will show the people where their timesheet was save and, where appropriate, the total hours that have been input.

This page may show other sections that do not apply to your organisation, and these should be ignored.

3.    Should you need to correct the hours for one of the individuals listed, click on the link to the assignment.  This will take you to the input page for that person.

4.    If you are satisfied that the hours entered for all the staff listed are correct and should be submitted for approval, click on the tick box at the top left to select all employee.  This will highlight the people selected.

5.    Where you just want to submit the hours for certain people, add a tick to the box next to their assignment to select them.

6. Click on the Submit Selected button to submit the selected assignments for approval

7.    That will result in the Declaration panel appearing.  Add a tick to the box to affirm the declaration, and then click on the Submit button.

Some organisations may require users to provide 3 characters from their security word, or a one time pass code, to complete the submission process.

8.    This will trigger an email to be sent to the approver for the selected assignments, and the Status column on the previous page will show Submitted against the selected assignments.

How to Unsubmitted a Timesheet

Please note that a timesheet can only be unsubmitted where it has a status of Submitted

1.    Click on the Find Assignment button to search for the person whose timesheet is to be unapproved.

 2.   Select the person concerned from the list by clicking on the link in the Assignment Number column next to their name. 

3.    Click on the Unsubmit button to allow further amendments to the timesheet 

4.    You will be asked to confirm that you wish to unsubmit the timesheet.  Click on the OK button if you wish to proceed. 

5.    The previous page will now change to allow hours to be added/amended