This article goes through some of the features you will see on the More page.

More Page

To get to the more page, you will see the tab More in the bottom tab menu. Tap More to view the page.



This button will take you to the page to upload a document. A guide on how to upload a document can be found at the following link.  Upload a Document


This button will take you to submit an odometer reading. Not all vehicles are required to submit an odometer reading so this section of the app may not be applicable to you.


The queues button takes you to the documents, expenses and journeys that are waiting upload to the EASY web based system.  By default documents and claims with receipts need a WiFi connection to upload, they will be waiting in the queues tab until a connection is available.

When tapping the queues you will see that it is split out to individual queues for Document, Expenses and Journeys. Tapping the corresponding button will take you to the queue where you will see claims that are waiting upload or claims that have failed to upload where you will be able to edit the claim as necessary.


The about button will take you to the about screen that provides information about the app. This includes Connection Information, Location Data, Server Info, and OS Details. This information may be requested if an issue arises.



By tapping the settings button takes you to the App Options. This is where you will be able to change the Sync Over Mobile setting which allows for documents to be loaded with a cell connection. By default the app syncs once every 24 hours, if the information from the app does not match the EASY web based system you can force a sync to update it.

You will also find the Reset button which will clear the app of all data and take it back to the registration process.