From time to time you may need to upload documents to EASY for vehicle documentation, receipts, etc... the EASY Companion app will allow you to upload documents with ease using your mobile device.  Once the document has been uploaded you can then go into the EASY web based system and attach it to the relevant vehicle, claim, etc...

Steps to Follow

1. Tap the More tile in the menu at the bottom of the app screen. Then tap the Document button.


2. When on the Documents page the first step is to pick what type of document you want to load. This is done by tapping the Doc. Type Field and picking the type from the select list. For the purposes of this example we will choose Insurance Certificate.


3.  Some Documents require an expiry date, if this is the case the field will appear. You will notice a yellow border to the date field, this is to draw attention to it as it is by default set to today but will more than likely need changing.  Once a date is in the future the yellow border will change.


4.  Next, as an optional step I will give set the Doc. Name. You can move on from this step as using the Doc Selector. will add a default name, for the purpose of the Guide we will add a relevant Doc. Name. This is done by tapping the Doc. Name field.


5.  Now to use the Doc. Selector. For this I will take a photo by selecting the Camera Icon. 

The Doc. Selector has three buttons, the first button is to use your device's camera to photograph a receipt/document. the second button allows you to select a photo from your device, and the third button allows you to select a document, such as a PDF file, that is stored on, or has been downloaded to, your device.


6.  Now we are ready to upload the Document this is done by tapping the upload button. The document can now be linked to the vehicle in the EASY web based System.

There may be a delay in the document reaching the EASY web based system as the app usually requires a Wi-Fi connection to upload receipts/documents.