The EASY Companion app will allow you to make mileage claims using your mobile device, this will make keeping track of your day simpler by making use of your mobile devices GPS for location data and allowing you to make claims as you go. This guide will take you through the steps to make a journey with a start and end location, then continue from that journey to end at another location.

Steps to Follow

1.  Tap the Journey tile in the menu at the bottom of the app screen. This will take you to the Journey Details screen.

2. When making a journey, the Journey Date is automatically set to today's date. To change the date, tap on the date field to display the calendar, and select the date of your journey.

3.  If you have more than one assignment you can tap the Assignment field to select the correct assignment the claim should be made against.  The Assignment will automatically be completed where you only have one assignment. 


4.  Tap on the Expense Type field to show the expense type choices you have available - the expense types available may change for different assignments or dates.  Now tap on the expense type you wish to claim, you may need to swipe/scroll up to find the appropriate expense type. 

5.  When the Vehicle field is shown, this means you will need to select the vehicle used.  The Vehicle field will be appear where this is required by the expense type selected.  The Vehicle field will automatically be completed where you only have one vehicle that is valid for the journey date.  Tap on the Vehicle field to bring up the list of vehicles available and select the vehicle used for the journey.

If the vehicle used for the journey does not appear in the list, that may be because your vehicle documents have not been checked and approved by your manager or expenses team yet.

6.  Some expense types will need a reason for your journey.  Tap on the Reason field to bring up the list of reasons available and select the reason for your journey.

7.  Tap on the Next button once you have completed all the relevant fields, this will take you to the Journey Map screen.

8.  You are now ready to enter the journey, starting with the Start Location.  Tap on the Start Location field to bring up the list of location options and select the appropriate option.



The options you can choose for setting the journey location are as follows:

  • Current GPS: uses the current location of the mobile device you are making the claim from.
  • Set location on map: adds a crosshair to the map, so you can move it around to set the location.
  • Base: sets the postcode for the base location of your assignment.
  • Home: sets the postcode of your Home address.
  • Favourite Place: provides you with list of the Favourite Places you have added to EASY.
  • Postcode: allows you to manually enter the postcode of the location.

9.   Once a location has been set you will see a green marker on the map.  Tap on the Start button to continue.

10.    On the next page to appear, the Start field is greyed out to remind you of the start location entered.  You need to tap on the End Location field to bring up the location options.  Tap on the appropriate location option and complete the field underneath.  In the example below this is the Postcode field.  Once you have set the location you will see a red marker on the map that indicates the end point of your journey.

11.  When the end location has been set, the Official Mileage and Claimed Mileage fields will be completed.  The Official Mileage is the distance calculate by our mapping provider for the route.   The Claimed Mileage will automatically be set to Official Mileage value, and you may be able amend the Claimed Mileage to allow for detours..

12.  There are further options that can be added to the claim.

  • Additional Info:  used to make small notes on the claim
  • Passengers: a slider to set the number off passengers you may have had on the journey
  • Heavy Equipment: a toggle switch to show if you were carrying heavy equipment on the journey.  It is automatically set to the Off position.

13. From here we have the option to Continue or Finish the journey being claimed.  For the purposes of this guide we will Continue the journey, which may be to visit another patient or attend a meeting.  By selecting the Continue button, this will send the journey start an end details you have just entered to EASY.  On the page that follows, the Start Location field will show the End Location that you entered previously.  .

Note that the passenger and heavy equipment details entered previously are treated as continuing for this stage of journey and you may need to amend the passenger and heavy equipment fields

As you can see the Start Location is the same as the End from the previous journey as well as retaining the passenger and Heavy Equipment information.

14.  Now complete the End Journey fields by repeating steps 10 to 13.  This will add the End Location, as well as compete the Official Mileage and Claimed Mileage fields.  If you entered all your journeys for the day, tap on the Finish button to end the Journey process.

The journey details that you have entered will be sent to the Unsubmitted Claims section of the EASY web based system where you will be able to submit the claims to your manager for approval.