The EASY Companion app will allow you to make other (non mileage) expense claims using your mobile device.  The app makes it easier to add a receipt/document to a claim by taking a photo, or adding downloaded documents, with your mobile device.

Steps to Follow

1. Tap the Expenses tile in the menu at the bottom of the app screen. This will take you to the Other Expenses screen.


2.  When making an expense claim, the date will automatically be set to today's date. To change the date, tap on the date field to display the calendar, and select the date the expense occurred.


If you are claiming for an overnight stay in a hotel or B&B, you should enter your check in date in the From Date field, and your check out date in the To Date field. 


3.  If you have more than one assignment you can tap the Assignment field to select the correct assignment the claim should be made against.  The Assignment will automatically be completed where you only have one assignment. 


4.  Tap on the Expense Type field to show the expense type choices you have available - the expense types available may change for different assignments or dates.  Now tap on the expense type you wish to claim, you may need to swipe/scroll up to find the appropriate expense type.


5. For most expense types you will need add the amount you wish to claim. This is done by tapping the Claim Amount field, then entering the amount for the claim.


6. This step is dependant on if the claim needs a receipt. You will know if this step is required when the Doc. Selector appears when selecting the expense type.  If it is not required you can skip to the next step. 

The Doc. Selector has three buttons; the first button is to use your device's camera to photograph a receipt/document. the second button allows you to select a photo from your device, and the third button allows you to select a document, such as a PDF file, that is stored on, or has been downloaded to, your device.

Once a photo has been taken or document added it will appear in place of the buttons. You can clear the image/document using the X that appears in the blue square.

7.  When you have completed all the steps, and you are satisfied that the claim has been entered correctly, you can press the Upload button.  This will add the claim to your Unsubmitted Claims in the EASY web based system where you will be able to submit the claim to your manager for approval.  

There may be a delay in the claim reaching the EASY web based system as the app usually requires a Wi-Fi connection to upload receipts/documents.