Your employer may opt to implement a Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) that is used to verify, or authenticate, your identity when you complete certain actions in EASY.

A Time-based One Time Password (TOTP) is a code that changes every 30 seconds that is generated by a authenticator app, such as Authy, Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator, that you install on your mobile phone or tablet.  Your employer may specify which authenticator app your should use.

This article explains how EASY will request that register your authenticator app should your employer implement the TOTP facility on EASY.


This article assumes that you have already downloaded an authenticator app to your mobile phone or tablet, and that you have given the authenticator app permission to use the camera.  In this article, we are using the Microsoft Authenticator app, so some of the steps shown below may different because of app being used or the app settings.

Steps to Follow

When your employer chooses to implement the TOTP facility in EASY, as an existing EASY user, you will need to follow the steps below to register your authenticator app with EASY.

1.    Log into EASY as normal by entering your username, password and clicking on the Log In button

2.    The first time you log into EASY after your employer switches on the TOTP facility, you will be asked to register your authenticator app, and a page similar to the one shown below will be displayed.

3.    Open your Authenticator app, and tap on the +, or you may need to tap on the 3 vertical dots, to add an account for EASY.

4.    You may now be asked to select what type of account you want to add.  Tap the appropriate account type - in this example the Work or school account option was selected.  Please note that this step may not apply to you, so move on to the next step.

5.    Tap on the "Scan a QR Code" option.

6.    If you have not used the Authenticator app previously, you may be asked to "Allow Authenticator to take pictures and record video?"  This is to enable the app to use the camera to scan the QR code.  Tap on the "While using the app" option.

7.    Now go back to EASY and scan the QR code showing on the page with your phone.

8.    On your phone you should now see an entry for the EASY site and your username.  You have now added EASY as an account on your Authenticator app.

9.    Tap on the option that has been added for EASY, you should now see a 6 digit number that is the current one time password code.  Please note that this code will change every 30 seconds.

10.    Now go back to EASY.  Enter your EASY password in the Password field and enter the code appearing on your Authenticator app in the Code field, then click on the Verify button

Congratulations!  You should now have registered your Authenticator app with EASY.  You should not be asked to go through the above process next time you log into EASY.