This article is a quick step by step guide on how to add your driving licence to the EASY System.

Software Version

This article applies to the version 11 release of the EASY software which has changed the way that you add/update your driving licence to the system.  


It is assumed that you have scanned and saved a copy of your driving licence to your computer.

Steps to Follow

1.    Select Driving Licence in the Self Service menu

2.    Click on the Document dropdown list and select Attached

3.    Click on the  new document icon 

4.    Click on the Choose File button

5.    Find and select the Driving Licence saved on your computer, and click on the Open button

6.    Enter the driving licence expiry date and then click the Submit button

7.    Click on the Submit button

8.    Complete the declaration and enter the three characters requested from your security word, and then click on the Check button

The Declaration and Security Word section may not be required by your employer.  In that case just click on the Check button.

9.    The driving details have been sent to your manager, or the expenses team, for checking and approval.  The Actions section shows the driving licence with a status of Submitted.

10.    When the driving licence has been approved, the Driving Licence page will have a Previous Actions section that will show the status of Accepted, which is the fully approved status.

The Driving Licence must be approved before you are allowed to make mileage claims.