This article is a quick step by step guide for managers, or the expenses team, on how to authorise a new vehicle where your organisation requires the vehicle documents to be checked in order that the duty of care obligations are met.

Software Version

This article applies to the version 11+ release of the EASY software, which includes a facility to automatically check the vehicle MOT and Road Fund Licence against the vehicle record held by the DVLA.  


This article assumes that the authoriser is only required to manually check the insurance certificate.

Steps to Follow

1.    Select Vehicles in the Management menu

2.    Click on the section heading of the employee's team, and then select the link of the vehicle

3.    Click on the link to download or view the insurance documents

4.    Check Vehicle Details match those on the insurance certificate and the employee has the appropriate business cover before clicking the Authorise button

5.    Confirm your authorisation by adding the three characters from your security word, if requested, and click on the Authorise button.

You may see a Declaration which will need you to confirm your acceptance by adding a tick in the box provided before selecting the Authorise button.

6.    A message will appear at the top of the page to confirm you have authorised the vehicle