This article is a quick step by step guide on how to add a new vehicle to the EASY System.  While this article is written on the understanding your employer requires you to add your vehicle documents to the system, we will indicate where the differences occur where that is not the case.  

Software Version

This article applies to the version 11+ release of the EASY software, which includes a facility to automatically check the vehicle MOT and Road Fund Licence against the vehicle record held by the DVLA.  


This article assumes that the vehicle registration number is correct, and that it can be found in the DVLA vehicle records.  It also assumes that you have scanned and saved a copy of the insurance certificate to your computer.

Steps to Follow

1.    Select Vehicles in the Self Service menu

vehicles option

2.    Set the dropdown list option to "Add New Vehicle", then click the Continue button

3.    Select the vehicle ownership from the dropdown list, enter the vehicle registration number and click on the Search button

4.    Check and confirm vehicle details are correct by clicking on the Continue button

Where documents are not required, the Road Fund Licence and MOT fields will not be shown.

5.    To add Insurance Certificate by clicking on the New document icon

         If your employer requires an other documents, then they will be included in this section.

Where documents are not required, this section will be empty and you should just click on the Continue button and skip to step 10 below. 

6.    Click on Choose File button

7.    Find and select the Insurance Certificate saved on your computer, and click on the Open button

8.    Enter insurance certificate expiry date and then click the Submit button

9.    Click the Continue button in the Vehicle Documents section

10.    Amend or confirm the date you start using the vehicle work, and click on the Continue button

11.    Check all the details entered previously are correct and, if they are, click on the Submit button

12.    Confirm your submission by adding the three characters from your security word, if requested, and click on the Submit button

13.    The vehicle details have been sent to your manager, or the expenses team, for checking and approval.  The vehicle appears in the Vehicles and Unaccepted Vehicle Assignment sections with a status of Submitted

14.    When vehicle has been approved, it will have status of Accepted, and move to the Accepted Vehicle Assignments