This article explains how to enable a PA to complete the input of their manager's expense claims within the EASY Expenses System.  There are a few stages that need to be completed before the PA can input the expense claims, and these are covered in the sections below.

This will only allow the PA to enter the expense claims.  Their manager will be required to Submit their claims for approval.

Delegator's User Account Settings

Firstly, you will need to ensure that the manager, or delegator's, user account is set up to allow the Self Service.Expenses activity to be delegated.  The following steps explain how to do this.

1.    Select Users from the Admin menu.

2.    Search for the delegator (manager) and select the link for their User ID

3.    Scroll through the Activities until you find Self Service.Expenses and click on the Can Delegate field to add a tick in the box

4.    Click on the Save button

Delegating the Activity

Now the activity needs to be delegated to the PA.  This can be done by a system administrator assuming the delegators user account as shown below.   Alternatively, the delegator can set up the PA up as a delegate by following steps 5 to 11.

1.    Click the Assume option within the Users section of the Admin menu 

2.    Click on the spyglass to open the Search window

3.    Search for the Delegator and click on the link of their User ID

4.    Click on the Submit button

5.    Select the My Access option in the Self Service menu

6.    Click on the Delegate icon for the Self Service.Expenses activity

7.    Click on the spyglass to find the Delegate

8.    Search for the Delegate (PA) and click on the link of their User ID

9.    Complete the Effective From field only and click on Delegate button

10.    Complete the Declaration window and click on the Delegation button

11.    Delegated Access section will now show the Delegate

Entering Expense Claims for the Delegator

The delegator will now appear in the list of assignments available on the delegates Expense Claims screen.

1.    The Delegate (PA) logs into their user account and selects Expense Claims under the Self Service menu

2.    Click on Assignment drop down and select delegator (manager)


3.    Click on the Add/Edit button to enter the expense claims

Remember that the PA cannot submit the expense claims for their manager.