Release Version


Release Date

5 July 2021


The purpose of this notice is to advise EASY System Administrators of the additions or modifications to the EASY software that are contained in this release.

It is for EASY System Administrators to decide how best to advise the staff within their organisation of the changes in this release that may have an effect on how they interact with the system,

System Amendments



Automatic Addition of User Accounts Activities

The Authority (VPD) Parameters now has options to automatically add activities to user accounts where the assignment records received in the ESR outbound interface file indicates the user is a supervisor or manager.

This has resulted many of the settings that were previously in the Self Registration section being moved to the new Automatically Granted Access section.  The settings have new values to indicate the type of access, e.g. Authorisation or Data Acceptance, the activity automatically granted is given.

The remaining settings in the Self Registration section are used in conjunction with the settings in the Automatically Granted Access section to tell the system what activities and access are to be added to a user account when an employee self registers.  

Admin: Authority Parameters
Mileage Claim Allowance Types - Potential Error Fixed
A potential error has been identified and fixed that could have affected the allowance type included in the inbound interface file where the Mileage Claim Allowance Type lookup table is referenced.
Admin: Expenses
Error Fixed - Clearing Field
An error that caused a server error (code 500) to be displayed when clearing certain authority parameter fields has been fixed.
Admin: Authority Parameters
Deployment Settings
A series of new setting have been added to the server deployment file.  These are used to determine if the EASY system is being used for demonstration, testing or training purposes.  These settings are used to ensure that files are not transferred to the ESR bridge server in error.   
System Wide
Self Service.eForms Activity Renamed
The Self Service.eForms activity has been renamed to Self Service.Leave Requests to more accurately reflect its purpose.
Admin: User Accounts