This article is intended as a quick step by step guide to assist you with making and submitting an annual leave request.

Steps to Follow

1.    Select Leave Requests from the Time & Attendance section within the Self Service menu

2.    Click on the Add/Edit button in the Unsubmitted Requests section

3.    In the Leave Requests section, add the period of the leave you are requesting in the From and To columns

4.    Enter the number or working days or hours to be taken as leave in the appropriate field.  

Please note that you will only be able to complete the days or hours field according to how your leave entitlement is calculated

5.    You can also include a comment to provide your manager with additional information about your request.

The field is expandable by dragging the hatched lines at the bottom right hand corner of the field.

6.    Making an Additional Leave Request

If you wish to make more than one leave request click on the  icon to create a blank row

7.    Click on the Save button at the top right of the page when you have finished adding your leave requests.  Your leave requests will appear in the Unsubmitted Requests section.

8.    To submit your leave request(s) for approval, select the claims by putting a tick in the box next to the claim and click on the Submit button

9.    You will be asked to confirm your submission.  Depending on the requirements of your employer, you may be asked to provided three character from your security word to act as an electronic signature before you click on the Submit button. 

10.    Now your leave request will be moved to the Submitted Requests section, and an email will be sent your manager.