This article explains the Leave Requests facility within the EASY system that enables you to keep track of their annual leave and how to book annual leave.  We will cover how your leave entitlement is calculated, making and submit leave requests, as well as following what happens to the leave request at different stages.

Topics Covered

  • Finding Leave Requests

Finding Leave Requests

This article assumes that you have a been given access to the Leave Requests menu item that is under the Time & Attendance section of the Self Service menu as shown below.  

Where Leave Requests is not available in the menu you will need to contact your system administrator who will be able to assist you.

Leave Request Overview Page

After selecting the Leave Request menu item you will be taken to the Leave Request Overview page.  

Where you have just the one assignment, the details of the leave entitlement and leave requests for the current leave year will be displayed for that assignment.  If you have more than one assignment, you will need to select the assignment that you wish to view from the drop down list at the top of the page.  The system will automatically display the details for the current leave year, and using the Leave Year Start drop down you can select past years, where appropriate, or the next leave year.

Overview of Leave Period

The first few rows of this section gives some information about you and your assignment.  It is important to note that the Joined NHS date may not show the actual date that you first joined the NHS, instead it will show the date after it has been adjusted to take into account any breaks in service.  A break in service is where you have perhaps had a career break or a short break between jobs.  The Joined NHS date is sometimes referred to as the "leave entitlement start date" or the "continuous service date". 

This section also gives a summary of your annual leave entitlement for the selected leave year (framed in green in the image above), as well as an overview of your leave requests (framed in orange). 

Annual Leave Entitlement

The annual leave entitlement is the area surrounded in green in the image of the Overview section above.  This gives your base annual leave entitlement for the year, and whether this includes an allowance for bank holidays, as well as other adjustments to your leave entitlement.  The final figure given in the annual leave entitlement area is the annual leave that you have remaining after the system has taken into account the leave that you have taken and plan on taking through the leave year. 

For a more detailed breakdown of how your annual leave entitlement has been calculated, and what leave adjustments have been made, simply click on the  icon