Allowance Claims is accessed under the Self Service, Time and Attendance menu.

If you have multiple roles you will need to select the assignment you wish to view / complete the hours Claims for.  

On the main screen you will see several sections explained below.



Employee Information – This is the data held on the Employee Staff Record System including your name and National Insurance number, Assignment Number, Payscale & ESR Position, Contracted weekly Hours, and the Service dates.


Unsubmitted Claims – This section details any claim entered and saved but not yet submitted for payment. This is also where you make new entries (See Below).


Submitted Claims – This section details any claim submitted to the appropriate manager for authorisation. 


Authorised Claims – This section details any claims Authorised for the current period but not yet passed for payment. Claims remain here until such time as they are processed for payment on the payroll at which time they move to the Recently Processed Claim section. 


Rejected Claims – This section details any claim entered and submitted for authorisation but rejected by the appropriate manager. See Below for further details


Recently Processed Claims – This section will display the last 5 items processed, however you can also view all previously processed claims by selecting the date range to include claims you wish to view.


Hours Claims – Making a Claim


To make a new claim you select the   on the Unsubmitted Claims section. You will then have the claim entry screen presented.



To make a claim you will need to enter the required fields. The entries required may be different at each organisation but the follwing explains the main fields which are :


Date – The date the claim refers to which can be entered in the normal date formats or by using the date picker icon.


Ward / Department – This field may be greyed out, however if after entering the date the field has the  icon then you should click on the magnifying glass and select the correct Ward / Department where the hours were worked.


Shift Times Start / End – If the claim item requires times to be entered then the Icon will show next to the Start / End times for you to make entries. Either enter the times or select from the clock icon and pick the time. Note that times are entered using the 24 hour clock so 5 pm is entered as 17.00.


Meal Breaks – Enter time taken on any breaks such as meal breaks. This is entered as a total number of hours. Enter the hours in decimal so 1 and a half hours is entered as either “1.5” or “1h30”. If you enter 1h30 it will convert this to decimal for you. This time is deducted from the overall time previously entered.


Reason – If this field is grey then no entry is required but if this field is white then you need to select the reason from the drop down list. You may also need to enter detail in the field below if that is not grey.


Cont. (Contracted) – In this field you enter the number of contracted hours you were meant to work.


Add Basic. (Additional Basic Hours) – Enter the number of additional part time hours worked up to full time. You should only claim overtime for hours in excess of full time hours. 


Enhancements – Fields that are available to complete will be white. For example if you entered a date that is a Saturday then Saturday enhancements will show but not Sunday or Bank Holiday. Enter the unsocial hours due in the appropriate field. This is only for Additional Basic hours and not overtime hours (those in excess of full time). 


Overtime – (Where Shown) Fields that are available to complete will be white. For example if you entered a date that is a Saturday then Saturday Overtime will show but not Saturday or Bank Holiday Overtime. Enter the overtime hours due in the appropriate field. This is only for overtime hours worked in excess of the full time hours for the payscale.


Note – Validation will not allow you to make entries in Enhancements and Overtime fields that exceed the total number of hours entered in the worked field. It is not possible to claim two different types of payment for the same hours.



Additional Information / Add Comment – The icon can be selected to add additional information if required relating to the hours claim. Any comment added will be saved with the hours claim and if entered the icon will change to to indicate that the additional information has been added.


When you have made all entries click on the icon. This will save all items entered and provide and error messages if the data is not correctly entered. This will not however submit the claim for authorisation. To do this you need to select the  Icon.


Remember to submit the items for authorisation at the agreed intervals to ensure payment on time.


Hours Claims – Rejected Claim


If your claim item is rejected you will receive an e-mail advising you that the item has been rejected. You will have a limited time to deal with any rejection. The timescale normally depends on the length of time your organisation will allow for late claims to be made. 


When you get a rejection e-mail log into you account to the Allowance claim main screen and under Rejected Claims you will see the claim item. It will have an explanation of why it has been rejected. To see the reason click on the  at the far right of the item.


The choices you have are to the claim which will delete it from the database, or you can the claim which will move it to the unsubmitted claims section for later editing, or finally you can select  which moves the item to the unsubmitted claims section and then opens the editing screen so you can make changes to the claim item.


Remember to select the item you wish to deal with and not to leave rejected items too long before you dela with them through one of the three options.