This article explains the features available on the Absence Overview page, and how you can access employees who have an active absence record.  An active absence is an absence that has not been closed, i.e. the employee hasn't returned to work, and the absence record has not been submitted to ESR.


Finding the Absences Overview Page

To get to the Absences Overview page, you will need to select the Absences option within the Time & Attendance section of the Management menu.


Absences Overview Page Explained

The Absence screen can be viewed either by Organisation (if you have access to make entries for more than one employee) or by employee. 


To view an organisation's current absences you can select either the Summary or the View Calendar for that organisation.



Summary View

When you select Summary you will see a summary of the current months absence entries. These following show the three different types of entries. The first being a completed absence, The second being a continued absence from a previous month and the third entry shows a new absence this month that is not yet complete and will therefore become a continued absence.


Calendar View

You can view these entries for the department using the view calendar option. This will open another screen and display a calendar version



On this screen you will see all absences for the department for the selected month, but you can select to view different categories of by clicking on the Categories Selected tab and then uncheck all and tick the box for the categories you wish to see. You can do the same for the Status or Assignments.


The calendar view can be shown as either a month at once, a week or by the day.


You can move backwards and forwards on the calendar months using the < or > arrows, and if you choose to look forwards past today, any planned leave or open absences will show on the screen.

Finding an Employee

To select an employee quickly search for them by clicking on the   button in the top right hand side of the screen.


In the search box enter the name of the employee (or part name) and click on the  Button


After selecting the employee’s assignment number you will be shown the Absences screen for the employee selected. 



The screen shows 5 different areas of absence information. These are described below :


  • Employee Information – Contains Employee related information
  • Unsubmitted Absences – This is the area used for entering new sickness entries
  • Submitted Absences – These are absences that have been entered but not yet authorised
  • Authorised Absences – These are absences that have been authorised for payment
  • Recently Processed Absences – This is a list of the most recent absences (excluding the current month)


The following describes each section in more detail.


Employee Information

On the employee information you will see the Absence related assignment details for the employee such as the contract hours, payscale and Service dates as obtained from ESR.



Unsubmitted Absences

This section details any absences that are continuing or have been entered during the month. Any absence from a previous month that was a continuing absence will have the continuing absence over a period icon :


This is the area used to make entries of absence by using the Add / Edit button. Anything entered in the current pay period and not yet sent to payroll for payment will show here. Any entries will remain in this section until Authorised or Submitted. 


The detailed information on how to make entries to this section are found in the Absence Entry section. 


Submitted Absences

This section shows the absences submitted but not yet authorised by the authorised person in the organisation. No entries here will pass through for processing until they have been authorised, after which they will move to the next section.


Authorised Absences

This shows a list of the current pay period absences that have been authorised for payment. Note that until these items are processed they can be unauthorised (moved back to data entry) or withdrawn. This means that if a sickness is authorised as continued and an employee returns to work on the next day it is possible to unauthorise and enter the end date to enable more accurate payment.


Once the absences are processed they will be moved to the next section.


Recently Processed Absences

This shows a list of the most recently processed absence entries and these cannot be altered as they have been processed by payroll.


If a continued absence was Authorised it will be shown under the continued absences as shown above on the unsubmitted absences section to enable further entries to be made.


In this section you can also view all past absence for the employee by clicking on the View all Processed Absences.

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