This article is intended as a quick step by step guide for bank staff who need to identify where, or for whom, they worked when expenses were incurred during a shift.  This enables the expense claim to be targeted to the appropriate person to approve the claim and to charge the relevant budget.

Steps to Follow

1.    Select Expenses Claims in the Self Service menu

2.    Click on Add/Edit button

3.    Complete fields before the Ward/Department/Manager field and then click on the  icon

4.    Enter the name of the supervisor, ward/department where you worked or the cost centre, and then click on the Search button

Search Window - Version 1

Search Window - Version 2 

5.    Click on the Supervisor or Ward/Department link

Search Window - Version 1

Search Window - Version 2

6.    Complete the rest of your expense claims and select the Save button

7.    The claims appear in the Unsubmitted Claims section

What the Icons mean

Budget Code Amendment

Click on the  icon to view details.


Click on the to view the details.