It is a common belief that when you use a contactless payment method on the London Underground that you can't get a receipt to confirm the journey and amount being claimed.  That's not entirely true.  You can create a Contactless and Oyster account on the Transport for London (TfL) website so you can get a statement of the journeys travelled and the cost involved.

This article goes through how you can obtain a copy of the statement to attach to your claim for reimbursement of your underground journeys in EASY.   

Where you have not got an Oyster account and you use an Oyster Card, a contactless debit/credit card or mobile payment to to pay as you go, you will not have access to a TfL receipt for your journey.  In this situation, you should contact your employer's system support team who will advise you of your organisation's policy and how you may claim for your journeys, or what alternative evidence you may need to provide to support your expense claim.

Log In

Go to the Oyster page on the TfL website using the and enter your username and password.

Then click on the Submit button

My Contactless Account

Under the My Account menu click on the + to the right of the Contactless option

No click on the My contactless cards option

Contactless Card

Select the contactless card that you require a statement for.

Journey & Payment History

Click on the link

Choose the period of your claim

Select the period that your claim relates to - this will display a breakdown of the journeys and the cost of the journey.

Download PDF

Scroll down and click on the Download PDF Format button

Downloaded PDF

This can now be attached to your expense claim using the  icon