Bank staff will often work on different wards or in various departments, and the travelling expenses incurred need to be charged to the ward/department where they worked.  The same situation also applies where you are working on a research programme, and the associated travelling expenses need to be charged to the cost centre of the research body.

This article explains how you can choose the ward/department or cost centre that is to be charged for the travelling expenses involved.

System Configuration

When you enter you expense claim the system will need to be configured to enable you to select the Ward/Department.  You will be able to tell if the Ward/Department option has been enabled when the  icon is next to, or underneath, the Ward/Department field.

If the  icon is not by the Ward/department field, you should contact your local system administrator to enable this option.

Entering an Expense Claim

Once you have entered the date and expense type the system will be able to determine if the Ward/Department field should be enabled.  Click on the  icon to search for the ward/department that you worked in, or to find the cost centre to be charged.

The number of items returned from your search may vary, sometimes you will only get one item returned, ore several as is the case above.  Select the most appropriate item from the list, which may be the ward/department where you worked or the research programme that you were working on behalf.

The item selected will then appear in the Ward/Department field on the expense claim screen.

 Complete the rest of the expense claim as you would do normally.  When you select the Continue Journey  or Return Journey  icons in the Mileage Claims section, or the Repeat Claim  icon in the Other Claims section, the Ward/Department entry will be carried forward into the next claim.

At the present time, when you save the expense claims there is no indication on the Expense Claims Status page that the claims have been charged to a Ward/Department or cost centre.  This will be addressed in a forthcoming release.

When you submit the expense claims they will be directed to the manager responsible for the ward/department or cost centre to authorise the claims.  

The claims that have been directed to the manager will have a  icon to indicate the claims are being recharged to their budget.

By clicking on the  icon this will give the details of cost centre being charged and the reason.

While the images above relate to mileage claims, the same process applies to other claims.

What happens when I don't complete the ward/department field?

When you don't complete the ward/department field, the system will assume that the claim isn't to be recharged, which means that the claims will be sent to your normal manager to authorise and charged to your normal cost centre.