After you have logged into EASY you are presented with the EASY Home Page. This page is the launch platform that enables you to access various areas of the system. So let us explore what appears on this screen. Some of the features you will learn about are:

Site Name

The Site Name is located on the left-hand side of the blue banner at the top of the screen identifies the Trust/Organisation that is managing the EASY system.

The Common Links are locate on the right-hand side of the blue banner at the top of the screen/page, and these are prefixed with either your first name or your user ID. The following image shows the typical Common Links that will appear in the banner:

My Preferences
This takes you to the screen to set your personal preferences for particular featues within EASY. As the development of EASY is driven by user feedback then as EASY develops the user preferences will no doubt be expanded.
Change Password
This link takes you to the screen where you can change you password.
Log Out
Selecting this link will log you out of EASY, but it does not close the browser window. It is recommended that you log out of EASY whenever you leave your desk, and also before you close the browser.
Selecting this link will take you to any local guidance that has been attached to a particular page. For example, if the Trust has a policy on the payment of overtime hours this can be attached to the attendance data entry screen.
Online Help
This will take you to the EASY Online Help page for the EASY screen where you selected the link. Currently, you are on EASY Online Help page that relates to the EASY Home page.

The Breadcrumbs are located below the Site Name (EASY and the name of your Trust / organisation) at the top left of your screen. They show you the path you took to the current page, and provides you with a link back to any of the pages you looked at along the way. The following image shows the Breadcrumbs that lead to the Attendance > Status page:

To get back to the Home page click on the Home link in the breadcrumbs.

The Navigation Menu is located to the right of the screen, and lists the areas of EASY that you have permission to access. For example, the following image shows the user is allowed to the Time & Attendance screen:

When you select one of the options in the Navigation Menu, the Navigation Menu may become minimised on the selected screen, as shown below.

To expand the menu to see the options available, simply click on the word Navigation . Alternatively, if the Navigation Menu is obscuring something on the screen click on the  button at the top right-hand side of the Navigation Menu. The Navigation Menu, and the options underneath, will be replaced by the  button. To view the Navigation Menu again simply click on the  button.


The Reminders are located under the Navigation Menu, and provides a list of actions that require you attention. In the example below, the user is required to enter data for the Administration department: