The Documents screen allows you to upload documents to EASY for use elsewhere in the system or to view the documents that have recently uploaded.

Recently Added

The Recently Added Documents section shows those documents that have been uploaded to the system.

The table below explains each field in turn.

The system allocates a unique reference to each document whenever it is uploaded. By clicking on the reference link it will take you to the Document Information screen
This gives the type of document, e.g. receipt, MOT etc.
This shows the date when the document, such as insurance certificate, expires. Not all documents will have an expiry date.
This shows the date and time when the document was uploaded to EASY.
File Name
This shows the file name of the document. Where you have given the document a file name, e.g. mot15, this will be what is shown; otherwise the name given by EASY will be shown.
View Icon
The  icon is at the end of the row. By clicking on the icon, this will open a screen that shows the document image.

Upload New Document

The Upload Documents Section can be used to upload documents from a different source to the EASY Companion App, e.g. a scanned image or email attachment.

The fields are described in more detail below.

The assumption is that you already know where the file is that you want to upload.  Click on the Choose File button to locate and select the file to be uploaded.
Document Type
From the list select the type of document that is being uploaded.
Additional Info
If you wish you can add additional information that you may find useful in reminding you what the document relates to in the future.

You may also upload documents to EASY through some other screens, such as the expenses claims input screen when attaching receipts.