The EASY Expenses System allows you to record places that you visit often as Favourite Places, so that you can select these quickly when completing your expense claim.  We will firstly look at how we add new places, and them how to remove places that you no longer visit.


Add New Place

To add a new favourite place, you need to click on Favourite Places, under the Self Service menu on the left of your Home screen (see above) You then complete the fields in the Add New Place section.

The fields are described in more detail below.

Enter a name or title that will help you to identify the location or person you are visiting, e.g. a school name or GP surgery etc
Location Type
There are two location types:
  • Location
  • UK Post Code
Depending on the location type that you select that will determine how the Location field is displayed.
When the Location Type is set to Location, which is the default setting, the following field is displayed.
When you click on the  a search window appears to enable you to search for, and select, a Trust location.For the Location Type of UK Post Code, the label changes from Location to Postcode and the following field appears for you to enter the postcode of your favourite place.
Note that all fields should be completed

After you have completed the fields, click on the Add button, and the location will be added to the Favourite Places section.

Favourite Places

The Favourite Places section contains all of your favourite places.

To remove a location from your favourite places, tick the box at the beginning of the row of the location(s) that you want to remove and click on the Remove Selected button.