This part of Self Service enables you to identify what permissions you have, and in some cases to delegate access to others.

The fields have the following meaning :-

This list which of the various sections of Easy you have access to. Easy has many different areas such as Expenses, Time and Attendance, Reports, Etc.
This will indicate what you are able to do such as :-
  • Data Entry – Make entries to the Activity Area
  • Data Acceptance – Allowed to Accept data. (Normally limited to Payroll / Finance / HR)
  • Authorisation – Allowed to Authorise data (Normally referred to as Management Access)
  • View – Allows you to View the Activity but not to make changes
Data Limits
This indicates which area of the organisation you have access to.
If this icon  appears then it
indicates that the Activity and Right can be delegated to another person. To Delegate the responsibility click on the Icon.

When you select the Delegate Icon to give delegated access you will be presented with the following screen which shows what Activity, Right and Data Limit you are delegating.

In the Recipient field you can select the employee and then enter the dates you are delegating the access from and to. If you leave the “Effective To” date blank the delegation will remain in force.

Delegated Access

This will provide a list of any valid delegation in force.

Received Access Delegations

This will provide a list of any delegated access given to you.

Who Can…..

By selecting from the drop down lists you are able to identify who can Edit / Submit, Authorise or Accept your Expenses / Timesheet or other area of activity.

Note that if your organisation only uses the expenses functions of Easy then you will not see any results asking who can authorise your Timesheet.