To Add a new vehicle you need to complete all the Mandatory (M) fields listed below and include the vehicle documents required by your organisation.

Select the Assignment number. The Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system requires the vehicle to be attached to the appropriate assignment, therefore if you have multiple assignments and use your vehicle for any of them you will need to set the vehicle up against each assignment you use the car for.
Registration Number
This is the vehicle registration number. It can be entered in any case and will convert to upper case to conform to DVLA standards. If you are using a personalised registration number and have changed the vehicle and transferred the plate to a new vehicle you can end date the previous vehicle registration and set up a new vehicle using the same registration number.
Start Date
Enter the date you took possession of the vehicle. This will be the date from which you will be able to make any expenses claims using this vehicle.
Enter the Vehicle Make. As you begin typing the name will appear below for you to select for auto-fill.
Vehicle Type
The selection available is usually Car, Motorcycle or Van. Select the appropriate vehicle type.
Engine Capacity
This detail is shown on your registration document (V5) and shows the vehicle cc (Cubic Centilitres). Enter the appropriate CC number only.
First Registration Date
If you are have purchased a new vehicle or one that is less than 3 years old then enter the date the vehicle was first registered. Note this is only required for vehicles less than 3 years old that do not require an MOT certificate. Evidence should be provided such as a copy of the V5 in the MOT certificate document box when setting up the vehicle. There may be other vehicles that do not require an MOT and you need to include whatever document you have to prove this such as the DVLA V112.
You may have a choice of either "Private" or "Salary Sacrifice". Unless you are using a salary Sacrifice vehicle then select the "Private" option. Lease Cars will be set up by your organisation and cannot be entered by the individual. If you only see the "Private" option displayed this will automatically be selected and you will not be able to change this option. (The Salary Sacrifice option was introduced in Version 8.0)
End Date
Initially you do not enter anything in this field, however when you sell or stop using the vehicle for work then enter the last date you used the car for work so that it will no longer appear in your list of valid vehicles when making expenses claims.
Enter the Vehicle Model. As you begin typing the name will appear below for you to select for auto-fill.
Fuel Type
This is a pick list of all the possible fuel types. This will be shown on your vehicle registration document under Type of Fuel
CO2 Emissions
This detail is shown on your registration document (V5) and shows the emissions number followed by G/KM. Enter the number only.
The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is not a mandatory field but can be entered if you wish. It will show on the V5 Vehicle Registration document as “VIN/Chassis/Frame No.”
A bold label means that the field must be completed in order to save the screen

Vehicle Documents

Duty of Care - AfC Terms & Conditions – Section 17.6

“When authorising the use of a vehicle, the employer must ensure that the driver has a valid driving licence and MOT certificate and has motor insurance which covers business travel.”

Duty of Care applies to all NHS staff including Medical & Dental Staff and Senior Managers.

Easy Application

Although organisations differ in the way this is applied, Easy has the functionality to enable the required actions to be taken. Please check with your organisation as to which documents will be required within your organisation. 

When adding a new vehicle you may be required to add any of the vehicle documents shown below :-

To obtain a copy of the Driving licence details, especially for those with the new card driving licence, you can go to the following website 


and enter the required details (including your National Insurance Number) where you can get a screen print or photograph of the front page showing your current driving licence status.

There are two options available for attaching vehicle documents :

New - This is the Icon for adding a new document. This may be something such as a word document, PDF or Jpeg. The file is located on the hard drive (or network drive) usually from either a screenshot (jpeg) or Scanned or e-mailed and saved to the PC/ Laptop.

When you select this option you will be presented with the following screen and you need to select the file you wish to attach (in this case as an MOT certificate) and if the document has an expiry date you will be required to complete this field. You can enter any additional information if you wish or just click on Submit to attach the document.

Find - This is the icon to Find a document that has been uploaded to Easy. The most likely method will have been to use the Easy App and your Phone or iPad/ Tablet’s  camera to take a photograph of the document.

When you select this option you will be presented with the following screen and you need to select the file you wish to attach (in this case as an MOT certificate) from the matching documents you have uploaded using the Easy App. Select the appropriate file by clicking on the Ref field and it will be attached.

Once all documents have been upload you can save or submit the vehicle for authorisation.

Note any message(s) that appear that may indicate that the vehicle documents are not valid. If you are saving a vehicle for the past with an out of date insurance document it is acceptable to have an invalid date but note that you will also have to add new documents if you wish to continue using the vehicle.

Document Expiry

When documents that have been uploaded to the system are due to expire you will receive a warning e-mail to advise you of the expiry date coming up. Note that unless you attach the new documents the vehicle will no longer be available to you to use to claim expenses.

You only need to attach copies of the expired document not all the other documents if they are still valid. You may therefore have several dates per year where you need to attach new documents if your insurance and MOT for example expire on different dates.