To ensure that the best use of computer resources the EASY System uses the Tasks facility to queue the jobs to be run, such as importing/exporting interfaces files or producing reports. For each of these jobs you will complete a Selection Criteria screen that provides the system with details of the file to be processed or the details to be included in the report.

Scheduling a Task:

When you click on the Import or Run... button on the Selection Criteria page the Task Scheduler dialogue will be displayed. You can queue your task or job to either be processed as soon as possible or at a later date/time.



It is recommended that larger files, such as importing the Staff Details File, are processed outside normal business hours so as avoid any disruption of users working with the system. 


Each job has a predefined priority so that those with a higher priority, such as importing/exporting interface files, are processed before any other lower priority tasks waiting in the queue to be run. The priority can be changed, if required.  

Scheduling the Task for Later:

As mentioned earlier you can choose to run your job at a date and/or time, such as out of normal business hours. Enter the date and time in the Date &
              Timefields, or click on the Date Picker icon to select the date and the icon to select the time. 

The system will add your task to the queue for processing at the date/time entered.  

Run the Task Now:

By leaving the date and time blank in the Date
              & Time fields the task will be added immediately to the queue to be processed as soon as possible.

Email When Complete:

When you click on the Confirm button, the job will appear in the Tasks menu.



Tasks Menu:

As you can see from the image above, the task is colour coded to indicate the job status and a brief description underneath of the action/status. The table below shows the colours and actions you may see in the Task menu.

Job Name
The yellow background signifies that the job has been queued on the server and that it will be run as soon as possible. Where you have asked the job to be run at a later date and time the status text under the job name will say "Held until 31 Dec 2015 23:59".
Job Name
The amber background signifies that the job is being processed. The status text underneath may say In               Progress, or may be Rendering - computer speak for it's working on the file being loaded.
Job Name
The green background signifies that the job is Complete, and the results are available for you to view.
Job Name
The red background signifies that an Error has been encountered, and you will need to go to the results page to learn what caused the error.

When the job has completed, or it has encountered an error, you can view the results by clicking on the job in the Tasks menu. This will take you to the Tasks > View Results page - click on the View Results link to learn about this subject.


Aborting the Task:

There may be times when you have queued up a job, had second thoughts and want to cancel the job. While the job is in the queued state you see a Delete Task at the top right corner of the menu item for that job. By clicking on the Delete Task the following dialogue page will be displayed asking you to confirm that wish abort task.       


When you click on the OK the job will be cancelled and removed from the Tasks menu. Don't worry if it takes a little time to remove the job from the menu.

Viewing Your Task History:

The EASY system keeps an archive of the jobs that you have run in the last 60 days (this is the system default period and your employer may change how long jobs are stored). To view the jobs that you have run, or even the ones that are in process, click on the View detailed task status link that is at the bottom of the Tasks menu. This will take you to the Tasks > Users Status page - click on the Tasks Status link to learn about this subject.