Welcome to the EASY System:

The EASY system has been designed for the National Health Service to provide powerful data capture and reporting facilities that interlinks with the Employee Staff Record system. The system has been developed by Giltbyte Limited in collaboration with Health Service staff to streamline and automate many of the human resource and payroll procedures. 

EASY uses a web browser interface that enables you, the user, to navigate through the system with ease. You may at times require a greater understanding of the functions available in the system, and the EASY Online Help is here to answer your questions. 

To find a particular topic, click on the Search or Index link at the top right of the page. You may also find the answer you are looking for on the Frequently Asked Questions page - just use the F.A.Q. link to navigate to that page. 

Video Clips:

At various stages in the Online Help you will see the Video Clip image which indicates that there is a video clip that demonstrates the topic concerned. Simply click on the image to view the video clip. 


We would like to thank Stephen Lawrence, Head of Employment Services, North Staffordshire Finance & Registration Shared Services for his contribution to the EASY Online Help. 

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