The system supports the import of data from ESR to ensure that the EASY System has the most up to date information and is kept in synch with ESR. The files used by the            import facility come from different sources within ESR such as:

  • Generic Outbound Interface files
  • Business Intelligence
  • Discoverer Ad Hoc Reports
  • Standard Reports

Importing a File

From the Support menu, you will need to select the type of file that is to be loaded into EASY.

You will be taken to the following screen to complete and identify the file to be loaded.

Authority Trust

Click on the drop-down list to select the Authority/Trust that the import file relates to.


Click on the Choose file button to select the file to be imported. This will display the Open file dialogue to enable you to find the file to be imported.

When you have selected the file to be imported, clicking on the "Open" button will return you to the previous page.  Now the field next the Browse button will show the name of the file selected, e.g. "File Selected" 

File Type

When you click on the type of file that you are loading the radio button to the left of file type will be filled in to indicate which file has been selected, e.g. Selected File TypeThe table below lists the file types, where they are sourced in ESR, the report name with the version number, where appropriate, and what the report is used for.

File Type

Report Name
Outbound Interface
Outbound InterfaceGeneric Outbound Interface
ESR has a number of generic interface files that can be imported to keep the data held in EASY as up to date as possible.  The Expenses and Rostering Interfaces may be used to support the EASY Expenses and EASY Time & Attendance systems. 
Business Intelligence
Staff ListBusiness IntelligenceCurrent StaffAvailable in the NHS Staff In Post Dashboard (Real Time Staff List), this is used to update EASY with details of new starters, and changes to current employees.
Leavers DetailsBusiness IntelligenceLeaversAvailable in the NHS Staff Movements dashboard, this provides EASY with details of leavers.
Leave AccrualBusiness IntelligenceNHS Annual Leave Entitlement StatusAvailable in the NHS Absence Dashboard, this provides details of the annual leave accrual plan so that EASY can calculate the leave entitlement applicable for staff.
Staff Details File
Discoverer Report
The staff details file is used to keep EASY in synch with ESR.  It includes the current employees and their assignment details, leavers, assignment terminations, contact details, locations, vehicle details and positions.
Annual Leave Accrual Mappings
Discoverer Report
The Leave Requests facility within EASY allows staff to submit leave requests to their managers and keep track of their leave entitlement. The Annual Leave Accrual Mappings file provides EASY with details of the annual leave element appropriate           for each assignment. This is required to ensure that the correct element is stated when notifying ESR of the annual leave absences contained in the Generic               Inbound Absence Interface.
Positions Upload
Discoverer Report
The Positions File is used to ensure that EASY has the latest position information that is held in ESR. This is primarily used by the EASY eForms system for any new positions that have not had any assignments associated with them.
Absence History
Discoverer Report
Easy Absence History Master 1.1
The Absence History file is used to ensure that the absence records in EASY correspond with those held in ESR. This file can also be used to load the absence history of assignments when a Trust first                  implements EASY.
Standard Reports
Standard Report
NHS Copy Pay Advice
The Payslip File is imported into EASY to enable staff to view their payslips online and to obtain a print of their payslip, if required.
Payslip MessagesStandard ReportPayslip Message ReportThis is imported into EASY so that the payslip messages can be included when a payslip is viewed in EASY.
General LedgerStandard Report
The General Ledger Interface file produced by ESR can be imported into EASY to enable NHS organisations to run reports. such as the nominal roll, that may not otherwise be available through the GL system.
Standard Report
This file provides the P60 details of assignments which allows staff to view their P60 information on line, and print off a P60 substitute.
P11DStandard ReportNHS P11D List Report
This file provides the P11D details for employees which enables staff to viewed and print a P11D Substitute online,
Vehicle DocumentsImport Template
Using the template file available in Interfaces: Import - Vehicle Documents article, NHS Organisations can upload the details of any vehicle documents held on file.  This can be used to prime the Duty of Care facility in EASY to ensure that staff are compliant and eligible to make mileage claims. 

Scheduling the Import

Click on the Import button you have completed with the details of the file that you wish to import. This will open the Task Scheduler dialogue.

It is recommended that files are imported outside normal business hours, particularly larger files such as the Staff Details File, so as not to disrupt users working with the system. 

Go to the Tasks page for more information on tasks and how to schedule jobs.