To authorise the items claimed by the employee, you must ensure that the tick- box at the left-hand side of each row is ticked.  

When you enter the screen each of the boxes will be ticked. At the bottom of the table there are options to Mark All (tick all the boxes) or Unmark All (untick all the boxes; these options, as well as clicking on the relevant box to tick or untick the relevant box, provides a great deal of flexibility. 

Click on the     button at the top right-hand side of the Submitted Claims section to accept the items that are marked with a tick. The system will require you to confirm your authorisation by entering the appropriate characters from your security word.

When you click on the   Authorise  button a confirmation message similar to the one below will appear at the top of the screen.  

Unable to display Authorise Confirmation  


The Submitted Claims table will be updated with the number of claims remaining to be authorised or rejected.  


The authorised expense claims will be queued for extraction in the next payment run except where a particular type of expense requires acceptance by the Finance Department.