It may be your Trust's policy that certain types of expense claims will need to be accepted by the Finance Department before being passed for payment. As a designated Accepter a message may appear in your Reminders menu when an expense claim requires your attention.

The EASY system may also send an email to designated Accepter(s) where the Authority parameter has been set accordingly.  

You can view the Expense Status page by selecting the Expense link in the Navigation Menu or by selecting the link in the Reminders menu. The pay groups that have employees whose claims are authorised and require acceptance will be shown in a table similar to the one below.  

The Assignment Claims page is displayed when you select the name of the employee whose claim is to be processed.

Click on  the   Accept  button at the top right-hand side of the Authorised Claims section to accept the items that are marked with a tick. The system will require you to confirm your acceptance by entering the appropriate characters from your security word.

When you select the     Accept    button a confirmation message similar to the one below will appear at the top of the screen.    

Unable to display Acceptance Confirmation    


Once a claim has been accepted it will be queued ready for extraction in the next payment run.    

In the event that an expense claim does not meet the Trust's acceptance criteria, you may reject those claims marked with a tick by clicking on the     Reject    button at the top right-hand side of the Authorised Claims table. The procedure for rejecting an expense claim is explained in         Expenses Status. Rejecting Claims