The Authorise IP Access screen is used as an additional security measure when you access the EASY System from a new location, which is identified by the IP (Internet Protocol) address.  You will be asked to confirm that it is you that is accessing the system from the new location by entering three characters from your security word.

Authorising an IP Address:

When authorising an IP address you will need to consider whether you will be accessing the EASY System from that location at a later date.

You will see from the image below that the Authorise IP Address screen has an option to allow access from that location just for that occasion or session. If you wish to authorise access for this occasion only, click on the  field until a tick appears in the box.  You will still be able to access the system from this location at a later date, but you will need to authorise the IP address at that time.

When you click on the Authorise button the following screen will appear for you to confirm that you wish to access the EASY System from that IP address.

To complete the authorisation process, enter the three characters requested from your security word and click on the Authorise button.  You will then receive an email advising that the IP address has been authorised for your user account.

When you have authorised the IP address you will then receive an email similar to the one below to confirm that you have authorised that location.

Hello Jane,

 Your EASY account was recently accessed from a new IP address (  This access was authorised with your security word for a single login session only.
 If you did not authorise this access please contact a system administrator immediately.

 Regards, EASY.
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 This is an automated message from EASY. Please do not reply to this address.
 If you are experiencing any problems using or accessing the EASY system please check the help and support page:
 Or alternatively contact your local system administrator: