Once you have selected an employee you will see the claim authorisation screen below which is split into two main areas which are the Employee Information and the Submitted claims.

Employee Information

On the employee information you will see the expenses related assignment details for the employee such as the home address postcode and the base post code as obtained from ESR.

The details of the Home to Base and Base to Home mileage will be displayed for information purposes along with a total of all business mileage that has already been authorised through Easy for the current and previous financial year.

In addition the banner also contains the View Historical Claims button, and by clicking on this you will see historical clams authorised and paid through Easy.

Submitted Claims

When you load the submitted claims screen all the items are automatically selected. This is done to help speed up the authorisation process and not as some form of acceptance of the claim items. You have two options which are to Authorise or to Reject the claim item.

Any additional information entered by the employee to the claim will show and you can read this by clicking on the Icon on the right hand side of the screen.

Any item showing with the  icon is higher than the minimum tolerance level but below the maximum tolerance level and should be checked carefully.

Items that have the adjustment   icon showing next to them have had an adjustment applied in accordance with the terms and conditions applying to the specific employee. Select this icon to view the details.

To view any receipts that have been attached you need to click on the word "Attached" and it will open the file. It may be that due to security settings the file will be downloaded to your PC in which case you should be able to see the download file on the bottom left hand of the screen and click on this to open the file. Please also note that in these circumstances the file will also be downloaded and copied to the PC, most likely in the download folder and you may need to remember to delete the file from the folder to retain confidentiality under data protection regulations especially if the PC is a shared resource.

Reject Claim Item

To reject a claim item select the claim item by putting a tick in the box at the left hand side of the claim item line and clicking the  

button. This will open the rejection box which is a free form text box where you can enter the reason for the rejection and what the employee needs to do to get the claim accepted if this is an option. Once rejected the employee will receive an e-mail confirming the rejection of that line of the expenses

Authorise Claim Item(s)

To authorise claim items you need to ensure the tick is against the items on the left hand side of the screen. You can do this by ticking each item individually or by ticking the multiple selection box  in the headings.

Click the  button to authorise claims. You will be authorising any item that is ticked / selected.

You may be required to tick the declaration box to authorise the expenses, using letters from your Security word. The actual wording of the declaration required will differ depending on your organisation.

Depending on your organisation the items will then go for Approval or direct through to payroll, or a mixture of both. Check with your systems administrator to determine the different authorisation levels that exist in your organisation.