This section is where managers / authorisers / approvers go to view details of staff expenses they have access to.

If the section showing outstanding claims is empty then this indicates there are no further claims outstanding to be authorised / approved.

When you click on Management Expenses this automatically applies the “Filters” to display claims that are outstanding. See below for more information on the filters.

The information displayed may differ depending on how your organisation is set up for authorisation and how many staff you are responsible for. You may need to click on the headers to see a list of the names of staff under a specific organisation / authorisation group.

Once you can see the employees name you will be provided with details of how many claims have been submitted for authorisation. Click on the employees name to see the detail. If you prefer to check the historical claims for the employee first then click on the   icon at the end of the line.

Find Organisation / Find Assignment

On the top right hand side of the expenses screen you have the option to try to locate employees (Assignment) and organisations (or authorisation groups) that may not be displayed because there are no outstanding claims that need to be authorised. This same process can be done using the filters but this is the best way rather than changing filters.


The available filters in this screen cover

  • Assignment - the filters are set to display only any assignment with data (as indicated by the tick). This means only employees who have expenses that require authorisation are listed. You can alter this to display Any assignment or just Active (not terminated) Assignments.
  • Status – the filter is set to display Active claims. This will therefore list all those claims awaiting authorisation. The filter can be changes to just show those that are Submitted, Authorised, Accepted or Any claims.

  • Receipt – the filter is set to display any claim irrespective of if it requires a receipt or not. You may not have all the options show on this screen but you may be able to alter the filter to just display those items for example that do not require a receipt (None) or only those items of a claim that do require a receipt and it is either Included, Attached or has been Forwarded.

  • Last Action – This filter enables you to limit the data to just those items that have had action (such as being submitted) in a certain time period.

Important  Be careful changing the filters otherwise you may not be able to see claims that still require your authorisation.

Last Updated 1st February 2017