There are two available options for the Termination form.

Transfers deal with the movement of staff within the organisation to different areas and Terminations with staff leaving the organisation.


This is where the employee is remaining within the organisation but transferring to a different department / area. The Transfer form is required to enable the new manager of the area / department where the employee is transferring to gain access to the employees record.

Select the employee by clicking on the looking glass against the assignment field.

Once you have selected the employee you need to select the organisation that the employee is transferring to, and on the Termination form enter the final date of employment in your department in the “Date Employment Terminated” box.

Once you Authorise the form it will make the employees record available to the new manager.


When an employee is leaving the organisation then the termination form should be completed. 

Select the employee who is leaving by clicking on the looking glass and searching for the employee.

Note – The termination form must only be used if the employee is terminating all employments with the organisation. If they hold other positions (except bank, although please check with your organisation for it’s rules), use the change form. If they are moving to another department then you should use the Transfer option on the Termination Form.

The following details the completion requirements for each field on the termination form.

Termination Form Field
Completion Notes
Date Employment Terminated
This should be the last working day for the employee, or the last date of the notice period if notice was given (such as Redundancy) was given or the date the Notice was served (Dismissal for example)
Last Date of Pay
This is the final date of NHS employment. It should include any outstanding leave (including days off) except where the employee terminates as a result of ill health. Note that if the employee has overtaken Annual Leave then this would normally be the same as the “Date Employment Terminated”
Date Difference Reason
Whenever the “Date Employment Terminated” and “Last Date of Pay” are different you need to enter a reason such as outstanding leave or days off etc.
Annual Leave
Using the radio buttons you have three option which are :
  • Entitlement Taken – Indicates all leave has been taken or included in the “Last date of Pay”
  • Outstanding – Where leave is still outstanding and needs to be paid.
  • Overtaken – This is where more leave has been taken before termination than the employee is entitled to.
Hours / Days
Wherever Annual Leave is either Outstanding or Overtaken, you will need to indicate how many hours or days are outstanding or overtaken at the date of the employees termination. This must not include any outstanding leave already included in the difference between the “Date Employment Terminated” and “Last Date of Pay”.
Leaving Reason
Select the reason the employee is leaving the organisation from the list shown when you click on the down arrow.
Leaving Detail
This may be required depending on the Leaving Reason. If this field is grey then no other detail is required (such as death in service). Select the appropriate “Detail” from the drop down list.  
Depending on the “Leaving Reason” this field may or may not be required. Where the field is greyed out there is no requirement to select an entry but if it is not greyed out you are required to select the appropriate destination. In some cases it is important to put the correct destination to the best of your knowledge (such as Redundancy and going to work for another NHS Organisation). Please enter as accurately as possible to the best of your knowledge.
NHS Destination
If you select a destination that is another NHS organisation you are requested to put the name of the organisation or if not known then to put “Organisation Unknown”. This is a free format field.
Employees Forwarding Address
It is important that you check with the employee as to where they will be after termination. If an employee is moving to another address in the future and the detail is known, enter “Home address until dd/mm/yy then ..” and then enter the new forwarding address. Keeping employees correct address is important to be able to forward the P45, any backdated arrears or other communication that may be required. Employees in the NHS Pension scheme should be reminded to keep the NHS Pensions Agency advised of any future change of address unless they rejoin the NHS in which case NHSPA will be automatically advised.

Once you have completed the Termination form fully, please remember to save and then submit the form. The form can be generated in advance and saved as  “Data Entry” and submitted once the final details are known.

Please remember that the form should be submitted before the leaving date as pay for employees is paid current and any delay may lead to overpayment of salary.