The Change form is used to alter the personal and employment details of employees of the organisation.

Click on the Add button to generate a new change form.

When you select an assignment by clicking on the looking glass icon the employees details will populate the appropriate fields on the left hand side of the change form, the “From” column.

Enter the Effective date the change is to take effect from. The Effective date may impact on an employees pay and expenses so it is important that you use the correct effective date of any change.

You do not need to make an entry against all the lines of the change form or on both the "Personal Details" or the "Assignment Details" sections. You need to complete only those items that are changing such as the employees home address and post code or a change in the employees hours. Some items are linked and therefore you need to complete them together (such as home address lines 1&2, Town, County and post Code). 

For a full description of the items listed on the change form look at the documentation for the Appointment Form.

If the employee has transferred from another department in the organisation please make sure the transfer form (under Terminations) has been approved before trying to complete the change form otherwise no information will load for the employee making it difficult to see what may need changing.

If you need to attach supporting documentation (for example bank details or memo approving the change), this can be attached by selecting the “Supporting / Attached Documents” and either adding the document as a scanned or photographed item or as a file from your computer.

After completing the change form you need to save the document before you are able to authorise it. Note that when you save the document a new section is added on the bottom of the form indicating where it is in the process, who has been involved and when each action was taken.

Please remember that saving the document has not submitted it and therefor it needs to be approved before it will be actioned. Delay in submitting changes can have severe impact on employees pay and expenses and may result in under or over payment so it is important to make sure the document is completed as soon as possible, preferably before the change takes place.

Remember that pay is generally paid currently so changes near the end of the month will need to be notified by the middle of the month to avoid incorrect salary payments.

If for any reason a Change Form is rejected by the approver (normally either HR or Payroll) then the authorisers will receive an e-mail and the rejection reason will show both at the top of the screen and in the actions section of the form, including details of who has rejected the form.