The Appointment form is used to introduce the details of a new employee to the payroll, add additional posts to staff already employed by the organisation or to complete the transfer of an employee from another department.

Please check your organisations rules regarding new starters as many will not allow the authorisation of forms prior to the employee actually commencing employment (This however does not stop you entering the details under data entry in advance and saving them and if the employee does not commence you can "Withdraw" the form, therefore deleting it from the system).

If you are changing the details of an exiting employee in your department then you should use the "Changes" form rather than the "Appointments".

Additional Post

The additional post is used when an existing employee (from your or any other department in the organisation) takes on an additional role. This is not where an employee agrees to do additional hours in their own job which is just an increase in hours and dealt with using the "Changes" form. The person must still be employed by the organisation to enable you to use the additional post.

To locate the employee you require the NI Number and select the Load Details button

Enter the mandatory fields for both "Personal Details" and "Assignment Date". For details see below under New Appointment.  

New Appointment

This form is used to provide details of new employees to the organisation. If the new employee had previously been employed by the organisation you can load very limited previous information by entering the NI number and clicking the button.

The following Table details the different fields that need completing along with completion guidance :

Form Field Name


Completion Guidance

Personal Details

Drop Down List
Select the appropriate title from the list
First Name, Last Name, Middle Names      
Free Format
Enter the employees given first name, last name and middle names. You should verify the employees First Name and Surname from official documents. Note that the use of "Betty" instead of Elizabeth may cause problems with linking past records for NHS Pensions and  
Drop Down List
Select the appropriate Gender
Marital Status
Drop Down List
Select the appropriate Marital Status
NI Number
Free Format (R)
 Enter the National Insurance number. The format is AAnnnnnnA (A= Alpha and N=Number). Please note it is important that you get the correct National Insurance number as this is the account number with the HMRC (Income Tax) and National Insurance.
Previous Surname
Free Format
Enter any previous Surname for the employee    
Date of Birth / Verified
Date / Drop Down List
Enter the employees date of birth (or select from the date picker). You should always verify the date of birth as part of checking that the employee is eligable to work in the UK. The documents that are valid to verify the date of birth is either the birth certificate or the employees passport. If you have seen neither document then select "No" under the verified option.
Drop Down List
Select the appropriate nationality for the employee.    
Ethnic Origin
Drop Down List
Select the appropriate Ethnic Origin for the employee
Yes / No
Select either Yes or No. There is no formal notification of disability so it is up to the employee to decide if they consider themselves disable or not. No validation is required.
Home Address
Free Format (R)
Enter the employee home address. It is important to ensure that the Post Code is correct as this may impact on items such as Expenses.
Next of Kin / Emergency Contact
Free Format (R)
If the Next of Kin lives at the same address as the employee you can select the radio button above the employees home address and it saves you from having to enter the address again. You still need to enter the contact details and relationship for the emergency contact.

Professional Qualifications

Registering Body
Drop Down List
Select the appropriate registering body from the list. If the employee has a qualification not from one of the listed bodies then it does not count as a Professional qualification.
Date Obtained
Enter the appropriate date or select from the date picker.
Registration No. / Pin
Free Format
Enter the registration or Pin number that identifies the professional qualification.
Expiry Date
Enter the date the qualification expires. Note that this must be a future date and if the qualification is required for the job then they must provide evidence of the registration and ensure it is renewed at expiry time.

Previous NHS Employments

Previous NHS Employer
Free Format
Enter the Previous Employer Name. Due to NHS reorganisation the name of the employer may not be familiar, however if the employee can provide a copy of previous payslip this will identify the actual NHS employers name. All previous service will be verified with the former employer so getting the name of the employer correct is important.
Job / Position Held
Free Format
Enter details of the Job Title  or position the employee held at the previous NHS employers organisation.
Date From
Enter the date (or use the date picker) the employee was employed in the Job / Position
Date To
Enter the date (or use the date picker) the employee ceased being employed in the Job / position
Add further lines of previous employment by clicking on the + Icon

Assignment Details

Job Title
Select (M)
Select the appropriate Job Title by clicking the looking glass and searching for the job title
Base / Location
Select (M)
Select the appropriate Base / Location for the employee. This is important as it will be the base for the calculation of Expenses (if used) so ensure this is correct.
Select the appropriate Paypoint for the employee. This may be important if using the time and attendance of Easy or if you sort by Paypoint in ESR.
Select the appropriate Supervisor by clicking on the looking glass and searching for the supervisors name.
Start Date
This indicates the date the new employee commenced and should be paid from.
Starting Pay
Drop Down List
This becomes a drop down list once you have entered the Job Title and Starting Date. Check with your organisation for specific rules. Generally the starting pay will be the minimum of the scale unless you wish them to be paid higher (see below).
Period Type
Drop Down List
Choose the appropriate period payment type. Check with your organisation for specific rules.
Contract Type
Drop Down List
Select either Substantive (permanent) or Fixed Term. If you select fixed term you will be required to enter a date in the "Fixed Term End Date" field.
Employment Type
Drop Down List
Check the drop down list and select the appropriate item if it applies or leave blank if non of these types apply to the employee.
Fixed Term End Date
Enter the end date (or use date picker) of the Fixed Term contract.
Employee Category
Drop Down List
Select either Full Time or Part Time depending on the hours worked.
Hours / Sessions
Enter the number of Hours / or Sessions the employee is working. The entry is to three decimal points so 37 and a half hours are entered as 37.50.
No. of Days Worked
Enter the number of days worked per week. This field only accepts full days so the entry must be a whole number. Round up if the employee works on a rota making the average days less than a whole number.
Approval Number
Free Format
If your organisation uses an approval system for appointments you need to enter the approval number. This field may be greyed out for organisations where the approval number is not required for appointments.
Starting Pay Reason
Free Format
If you selected anything other than the minimum of the scale in the starting pay then you are required to provide a reason why. If this is because of previous service in the NHS the enter previous service and this will be applied once verified (some organisations may use different rules). If this is because of some additional reason and there is a document approving this then the document can be attached at the next section.

Supporting / Attached Documents

Document Type Drop Down List Select either "Bank Details" or "Other". you can attach documents supporting the appointment such as a memo approving a higher than minimum pay or approval document. Any documents thast are required will be indicated by your own organisations rules. You can add multiple documents by using the + sign.

Remember to save the appointment form and to submit it in line with your organisations rules to ensure that the employee is paid.