Before you can use the mobile app to make expense claims, you will firstly need to download the EASY Companion App from the Apple App store for Apple iPhones or iPads, or the Google Play store for Android phones or tablets.  Once you have downloaded the app to your mobile device (e.g. phone or tablet), you will then need to complete the registration process as explained below.

The EASY Companion App allows you to make mileage and other expense claims that are then uploaded to the EASY System.

Finding the Devices Page

Log into EASY on your computer or laptop, and then click on the Devices option in the Self Service menu.   This will take you to the Devices page that is used to add and approve, amend or revoke mobile devices that interact with the EASY.   

Devices Page

The Devices screen has two sections, My Devices and Add New Device.

We will cover how to add a new device first.

Add New Device

The Add Device section is used to register (add) a mobile device with EASY.  Firstly, you will need to install the EASY Companion App on your mobile device, i.e. smart phone or tablet.  You can download the EASY Companion App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Once the app has been installed the icon shown in the image below will be displayed.

When you open the EASY Companion App you will see the Register screen.  This has two options to register the device using a QR code or manually, and we go through these in more detail below.

Register with QR Code

To register your device with the QR code, select the Read QR Code button on your mobile device and then point the mobile device's camera at the QR code in the Add New Device section of the Devices screen.    The mobile device will probably beep and then display the Approvals screen.

Register Manually

When you click on the Register Manually button, the Register Manually screen will be displayed asking for your to provide the Easy Site and EASY User Key.  Complete the fields with the values shown in the Add New Device section of the Devices screen, and then click the Submit button.  The mobile device will then display the Approval screen.

Approving the Device

Having gone through one of the method to register your mobile device above, when you look at the Devices screen in EASY you should now see your device in the My Devices section.

To approve the device you need to click on the Approve button.  You will be asked to confirm the approval process by providing three characters from your security word.

Usaually the Approval screen on your mobile device will disappear automatically.  It may be necessary to click on the Continue button on your mobile device to complete the registration process.

There may be times when a problem is encountered, possibly due to the WiFi signal dropping out.   In which case, it may be necessary to click on the Restart Registration button to register the device.

When the registration process is complete the My Devices section on the Devices screen will no longer have the Approve button.

The screen on your mobile device will show the EASY Companion screen, and the options available.

This will show your user name and the EASY site name used to access EASY at the top of the screen, just below the EASY Companion header.

My Devices

Once your device has been registered it will appear in the My Devices section on the Devices screen.  You can choose to select edit the device name or revoke the device.

Edit Device

When you click on the  icon the Self Service > Devices > Edit screen will be displayed. Should you wish, you can modify the device name to something that is more meaningful.

Click on the Save button to save your changes. Your device will now show in My Devices

Revoke Device

Should you change your mobile device, you can remove or revoke the old device by clicking on the  icon. The Self Service > Devices > Revoke Device Access screen will be displayed for you to confirm that your wish to revoke access from that device.