Uploading a Document

On the main screen of the EASY Companion you will see the Upload Document button.

When you select the Upload Document button, the Upload Document screen will appear giving you the options of Take Photo or Choose from Gallery.

Take Photo

When you select the Take Photo button, this will activate the mobile devices camera so that you can take a photo of the document you wish to upload to EASY.  Once you have taken the photo of the document you will be see a screen similar to the one below asking if your wish to Save or Discard the photo.

Upload Document Screen

When you select the Save button the Upload Document screen will appear.

The table below explains each field in turn.

Select Document Type*
You must select one of the following document types:
  • Receipt
  • MOT Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Road Fund Licence
  • Driving Licence
  • Vehicle Registration Document
  • Bank Details
  • Other
Where the document type, such as the Insurance Certificate, requires an expiry date to be entered, the Expiry Date field will be displayed.
Expiry Date*
When you select the Expiry Date field a Set date widget will appear for you to enter the expiry date.

File Name
If you wish, you can provide a file name to make it easier to find the document.   You will need to be careful that you don't give the document the same filename as a document that you have saved previously as the older document will be overwritten.  For example, rather than name giving an insurance certificate the name insurance you might want to name the file with the year: insurance 2015.
 If you do not provide a file name, the default name allocated by your device will be used instead.
Additional Information
You can enter additional information about the document to act as an aide memoire.
indicates that this field must be completed.

When you select the  button, you will be returned to the EASY Companion screen.  When the app is not connected to WiFi a Queued Document button will be appear on the main screen.  Selecting this button will show the documents that are waiting to be uploaded to EASY.

The next time the device is connected to a WiFi the documents will be uploaded to EASY automatically.

There is an option that can be set to upload the documents over your mobile network, see the Options section below.

Choose from Gallery

Where you have photographed the document previously on your device, you can select the Choose from Gallery button to choose the document from the picture gallery.  After you have selected your document, the Upload Document screen will be displayed.  You should complete the fields as described in the Upload Document section above.