The EASY Companion App currently has three main functions to help you make your expense claims and upload documents, such as your driving licence.  At the present time, you can only make your expense claims using the app; you will need to access EASY through the web browser application to submit your claims for approval.

The main screen below shows the buttons you would tap to access these functions.

You can learn how to use these functions in the following guides:

App Options

At the top right of the main EASY Companion screen there is a icon. When you click on the  icon you will be taken to the Options screen

Should you wish to upload documents over your mobile network, simply switch on the option to Upload documents over mobile network.

Please note that uploading documents over your mobile network will use up some of you mobile data allowance or may result in you being charged by your network supplier.

App Advanced Options

At the top right of the Options screen there is  button that will take you to the Advanced Options screen.

From this screen you can reset the app by pressing the 

You will be returned to the Register screen which is explained in the Add New Device section of the Self Service > Devices documentation page.

Related Topics

To find out what happens to Uploaded Documents, go to the Self Service > Documents page in the EASY documentation.

Current Release

The current release of the app is version 2.0.16.  You can find out what version of the app is installed on your device by going to the Options page, the app version is at the bottom of the page.