Access to the Giltbyte Helpdesk is restricted to authorised users

The article Getting a Helpdesk User Account explains how you can become an authorised Helpdesk user.

How to Raise a Support Request

To raise a support request you have three options available:


Using the Portal is the preferred method for you to creating and monitoring your support requests.  

Through the portal you can give the reason behind your request, which enables us to prioritise and manage your enquiries.  The New Support Tickets article explains how to create a new support request via the portal


Send an email to 

This will create a support ticket with the Helpdesk that will be assessed by the support team who may require further clarification to enable your request to be categorised appropriately.  

Once a ticket has been created, the email facility is convenient way of holding a discussion with the support team or including others in your conversation.


Call the Helpdesk Support Team on 01303 720001 

The Support Team are happy to answer your questions, and to raise a support ticket on your behalf.