1.    Select the Vehicles link in the Self Service menu on the left. Then click on the vehicle that you wish to add documents for:

2.   Got to the Vehicle Documents section to add your documents.

Each NHS organisation has different requirements, and EASY will be configured to show which documents you are required to provide.  If the Vehicle Documents section isn't shown, this is because your employer does not require you provide this information at this time. 

Most NHS organisations only require vehicle documents to be attached, in which case the Vehicle Documents section will be similar to the image below.

Click on the  icon to choose the document file, enter the document expiry date, and Submit (Upload) the file to the system.

Sometimes an employer may allow you to forward your documents (either by post or email) for checking by your manager, or the relevant department/person that checks these documents in your organisation.   Where that is the case the vehicle documents section will look like the image below.

When you click on the drop down menu next to the document that you want to add.  This will give you the option to either Forwarded or Attached the document.

Select Forwarded if you have sent a copy of the document for checking.

Select Attached to upload a photograph or scanned copy of the document to the system.  When you have select Attached, you should click on the  icon to choose the file, enter the document expiry date and Submit (Upload) the file to the system.

For more information on attaching documents and how to find these from the DVLA website, go to the Expenses: Vehicle - Add article.