Access to the Giltbyte Helpdesk is restricted to the nominated EASY System Administrator(s) within an EASY User Organisation.  As a result a Helpdesk user account will be created for system administrators who will receive an email giving advanced warning that they will receive a User Activation email and providing a link to the article explaining the activation process.

New EASY User Organisations

When implementing the EASY system in a new organisation, the user organisation project manager will be asked to provide names and contact details of their nominated system administrators.  On receipt of the contact details of the system administrators the advance warning email will be issued,

which will be followed by the User Activation email.

Existing EASY User Organisations

Where an existing user organisation wants additional EASY System Administrators to have access to the Giltbyte Helpdesk, an existing Helpdesk user should raise a new support ticket giving the name and contact details of the people who are to have a Helpdesk user account.

In the event someone that has a Helpdesk user account leaves the EASY User Organisation, a new support ticket should be created giving the name of the person who's user account should be de-activated.